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Subject: [tax] Sub-committees

Harm Jan

Here are the possible names and descriptions for our sub committees:

> Business Analysis <

The charter of the Business Analysis sub committee is to understand the big
picture of Tax Administration.  The sub-committee will analyze each tax
process including registration, filing, remittence, etc. and identify the
information exchange requirements across any of the potential tax types,
jurisdictions or tax participants as defined by the Tax XML TC charter and
identify the business value associated with the development of XML
standards to support those processes.  The committee will identify common
information and context specific information, develop a vocabulary of terms
and express it's analysis as a UML model.

> Technical Analysis <
The charter of the Technical Analysis sub committee is to implement the
requirements established during business analysis of the Tax Administration
process using XML Schema, DTD and other technologies. The sub committee
will identify technologies, techniques and best practices needed to produce
practical solutions and satisfy specific needs of tax participants.

> Liaison and Marketing <
The Liaison and Marketing sub committee will establish relationships with
customers, partners and subject matter experts to ensure that the Tax XML
committee produces practical standards that meet the requirements and
expectations of tax participants. The purpose of the committee is to
contribute and enhance the evolution of XML standards with the ability to
meet the Tax Administration requirements.

I will produce the pages for the sub committees and would like the members
to send their names to me with the indication of which sub committee they
would like to participate in. I suggest that the final date for name
submission be February 28th 2003 so I can build the pages. The sub
committees will have to elect the chairs and finalize the charters and
deliverables. For now John Glaubitz is the leader of the Business Analysis
SC as of our last conference call. If individuals would like to chair
particular SCs please indicate so in your name submission.

Feel free to comment on the descriptions of the SCs before the end of
February  .



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