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Subject: Re: [tax] Sub-committees

>Here are the possible names and descriptions for our sub committees:


> > Technical Analysis <
>The charter of the Technical Analysis sub committee is to implement the
>requirements established during business analysis of the Tax Administration
>process using XML Schema, DTD and other technologies. The sub committee
>will identify technologies, techniques and best practices needed to produce
>practical solutions and satisfy specific needs of tax participants.
>> Liaison and Marketing <
>The Liaison and Marketing sub committee will establish relationships with
>customers, partners and subject matter experts to ensure that the Tax XML
>committee produces practical standards that meet the requirements and
>expectations of tax participants. The purpose of the committee is to
>contribute and enhance the evolution of XML standards with the ability to
>meet the Tax Administration requirements.

I think there is some overlap here, since identifying technologies and
techniques should be done in conjunction with existing standards groups
or bodies, and that seems to me to be 'liaison' of a kind.

Perhaps the 'technical liaison' should sit with the Technical Analysis
SC, and the customer/partner/marketing stuff should remain in the
Liaison and Marketing SC. Comments?


Andy Greener                         Mob: +44 7836 331933
GID Ltd, Reading, UK                 Tel: +44 118 956 1248
andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005

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