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Subject: Next teleconference Tax- XML TC

Dear friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.
On Wednesday we have our next teleconference. Although I am aware that our
TC is still in a starting phase there are not many discussions in the list.
Part of it might be because the new CAVI system is up. Not all of us
registered yet. I urge you all to do that because that way we can keep track
of our work and that of the subcommittee's.

If there are any suggestions for agenda items please put them on the mail

The call-in number is 202-927-2255 and the conference (PIN) number is


Date:  Wednesday, 23 April 2003
Time:  12:00pm - 02:00pm Eastern Time

I propose that we spend some time during the conference on the

Proposed agenda therefore

12.00 Eastern Time start

- welcome
- who is in
- who is making the notes this time
- last teleconference notes
_ preparation of the face to face meeting in Amsterdam
	- update on the programme of XBRL special interest day May 21
	- invitation by IMB to have our meeting ( May 22 and 23) in their
Amsterdam head office
	- Who is willing to prepare presentation/ discussion 

- Business  Sub committee

	- goals for upcoming period

Technical subcommittee

	- goals for upcoming period

Harm Jan van Burg 

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