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tax message

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Subject: update on face to facemeeting in Amsterdam


Although I did not receive hotel information from all of you, I presume that
everyone who confirmed during the last teleconference will come.
I am happy to notice that we got some new members as well.
Up till now there are no comments on the proposed programme, So I presume
you are confident with it.
Please note that the outline of the presentations by the tax-administrations
is at the bottom of the programme.
Because most of us are staying in different hotels I did not organise
transport. Address information on the IBM offices You can find under the
following link http://www-5.ibm.com/nl/ibm/route_hdk_en.html 
Because they have to prepare badges we have to supply them with the name
list. On Friday I will post the list as far as it is. If your name is not on
it, please let me know.

Contact information:
While in the Netherlands you can reach me by mobile phone my number +31 (0)6
18304441. You may also use my home address +31 (0)79 3460446. During the
conference I stay the nights there.
On Tuesday the 20th I will be present at the XBRL conference; same on
Wednesday 22.
If you want help in Amsterdam please phone.

A possible extra to the programme:
As you probably know there is a Microsoft tax-summit in the same week. At
the moment we are trying to set up a video link to join a discussion on 9 am
on the 21st in their programme (Pacific time), 6 pm Amsterdam time.
Because I had to ask IBM for extra facilities we are not yet sure it is
possible. If you are interested please let me know. We will arrange
transport from the XBRL-conference hotel and back

The telephone number for the members who want to phone in will be posted on
Monday or Thursday. Facilities will be available  during the morning

Harm Jan van Burg

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