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Subject: Re: [tax] FW: [egov] A report comparing Australian Customer InformationStandards with the OASIS CIQ Standards

Harm Jan,

I've been an observer to the OASIS CIQ TC during the past year and I
believe the TaxXML TC would have interest in this document and CIQ
standards in general.

The standards developed by CIQ, which are focused specifically on name and
address information, are very complete and are applicable to names and
addresses anywhere in the world.  Many development efforts have started to
implement using CIQ and they have begun to integrate themselves with
several other OASIS efforts including UBL, CAM and potentially ebXML.
Since name and address information will certainly be appropriate to tax,
TaxXML should likewise look to potentially integrate with CIQ, either
directly or through UBL and other standards.  Also, since the Autralian
government and potentially others could make use of CIQ standards it
presents an opportunity for further consistency of goverment related

CIQ could also be a useful model for how to approach developing standards
for TaxXML.  Similar to names and addresses, taxes are likely to be
incorporated in many other standards.  The CIQ TC did a good job staying
focused on the scope of the information within their charter and were very
clear on what standards they would and would not address.  They were also
very active in promoting their work and creating liasons so that the
standard would be adopted and re-used.

This specific document does a very good job of describing in accessible
terms what CIQ standards are, how they work in specific examples and how
they favorably compare to other efforts to standardize the same sorts of
information.  As our work progresses, we may need to be prepared to
describe our efforts in a similar way.


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                                               Subject:  [tax] FW: [egov] A report comparing Australian Customer Information Standards 
                      06/27/2003 05:18          with the OASIS CIQ Standards                                                           

Sorry this was the document.

Harm Jan

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Ram Kumar [mailto:rkumar@msi.com.au]
Verzonden: vrijdag 27 juni 2003 3:28
Aan: ciq@lists.oasis-open.org
CC: egov@lists.oasis-open.org; tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au
Onderwerp: [egov] A report comparing Australian Customer Information
Standards with the OASIS CIQ Standards

Recently, the NSW Office of Information Technology of the NSW Government,
commissioned me to conduct a comparative study of the Australian Standard
for Client
Information Interchange and the Australian/New Zealand Standard for
Information: Urban and Rural Addressing with the OASIS CIQ Standards for
Customer Information.
The purpose of this study is to assist NSW Government in promoting and
adopting CIQ standards for
customer information as the defacto standard for customer information
interchange as part
of NSW Government's eGovernment initiative in Australia.

The New Zealand Government has already adopted the CIQ standards as part of
e-Government Interoperability Framework. The U.K Government's policy is to
use its own
standard namely, BS7666 for name and address data exchanges within UK, but
where it needs
to exchange  internationally, then it will use the standards of the CIQ TC.

Max Voskob (committee member of CIQ and UDDI TCs) and I did the study and
please find
enclosed the report of the study. With the approval from the NSW Office of
Information Technology,
I am placing this report on the CIQ TC web site.

If you have any comments about the document, please e-mail them
directly to me (rkumar@msi.com.au).


Ram Kumar
Chair, OASIS Customer Information TC

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