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Subject: Re: [tax] OASIS CIQ Standards

At 11:00 am +0200 4/7/03, H.J.M. van Burg wrote:
>Try to give this discussion the right subject.

You're absolutely correct! Thank you Mr Chairman :-)

>Looking at the possibilities here we should seriously consider adopting CIQ
>standards for tax purposes. Perhaps the TASC could take the lead here and
>try to get with an answer:
>Can we propose CIQ standards for the standard in electronic data interchange
>with regard to tax-filing an perhaps inter agency traffic?

CIQ is I think one of the component standards that we should be aiming
to be compatible with, but I would hesitate to say that Tax XML should
adopt CIQ outright (for instance, if a jurisdiction has good reason to
use a local addressing or naming standard for intra-jurisdictional
transactions then mandating CIQ would be a major barrier to the adoption
of Tax XML, whereas a looser coupling would enable all three standards to
be accommodated).

Before we start trying to build something out of the components (ours
and other people's, like CIQ) I think we should get our framework and
glue in place and then think about our components. This is why I think
we should be looking at the likes of UBL/ebXML first, and why I'm happy
that in the meantime CIQ and UBL are talking.

>With regards to the STF schema. Could CIQ be incorporated?

This would be a very good exercise to gain some experience with CIQ and
to see how something like STF, which pre-dates our standards efforts, could
be componentized (sorry, horrible word!). Would Arndt be prepared to look
at this, perhaps in collaboration with someone who has some practical
experience of CIQ?

>What sort of changes should be made to CIQ to fit completely (if any)?
>Who is willing to act as liaison to the CIQ tc?

I suggest someone from the TASC, but if Alex or John want to do it then
that's ok too, especially if John is already an observer in that group.


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