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Subject: UBL TC contact


Following on from the TASC conf call discussion on liaisons I have
made initial contact with Jon Bosak, chair of the OASIS UBL TC and the
inspiration behind UBL.

John has provided a presentation, given to XML Europe in May, by
way of an introduction to UBL. I will be posting this to the
documents area of the web site shortly after this email. It is
difficult to follow detailed presentations like this without the
guidance of the presenter, but I hope it will at least give you
a flavour of what UBL is all about.

Furthermore, in discussion with Jon it seems we may have made
contact at an appropriate juncture - the following is quoted from
his reply:

>Extending UBL to other domains is the next big work item after
>release of UBL 1.0, which looks like it will be happening around
>the end of October.  Ultimately, the mechanics of this will depend
>on whether UBL accepts the invitation to become part of UN/CEFACT,
>but until then, there's no harm in starting work.  We're probably
>going to be meeting at the beginning of November, probably in the
>San Francisco Bay area, and tax forms could be the first thing we
>try if your group is in a position to meet with us and if this
>strikes the rest of the TC as a good thing to be doing.  That's a
>lot of ifs, to be sure, but maybe something to think about.

Perhaps we can discuss this on the 12th?


Andy Greener                         Mob: +44 7836 331933
GID Ltd, Reading, UK                 Tel: +44 118 956 1248
andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005

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