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Subject: Re: [tax] Groups - OASIS TAX XML TC Agenda for Sept 15-16 V1.1.doc uploaded


Great work on the agenda.  I have just one question for the group on

The description for the Morning of September 15th at 11:00 refers to
"specific deliverables we want ot produce for the next period".  By
limiting the discussion to the next period (until the next face-to-face?)
it sounds more like a discussion of short term action items.  My
expectation for this discussion was to gain consensus on the overall goals
and deliverables of the committee.  For example, is our ultimate
deliverable a set of standardized schemas developed by our committee for
any tax related information that we intend to market for adoption, is our
deliverable enhanced schemas from other standards organizations such as
UBL, XBRL, OAGIS, etc. with tax specific extensions, is it to provide well
articulated doumentation of tax information requirements that could be
applied to schema development such that our organization may include a
certification role, is it all of the above or is it something else
entirely?  Once we determine the answer to this question we can determine
the specific deliverables we'll need to produce as end products.  I may be
way off base here, so please let me know if this was not the intention.  On
the other hand, I think it would be a good idea to answer this question.


John Glaubitz
Vertex Inc.
+1 484 595-5877

                      orks.ca                  To:       tax@lists.oasis-open.org                                                      
                      08/20/2003 06:48         Subject:  [tax] Groups - OASIS TAX XML TC Agenda for Sept 15-16 V1.1.doc uploaded       

The document OASIS TAX XML TC Agenda for Sept 15-16 V1.1.doc has been
submitted by Alexander Foote (sandyfoote@footeworks.ca) to the OASIS Tax
XML TC document repository.

Document Description:
Agenda for the Tax XML TC meeting in Toronto September 15 and 16, 2003.

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