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Subject: RE: [chairs] changes in operation of TCs


As relatively new chair I am hesitating to join this type of discussions.
Looking as this new rules I see that some organisations can have more rules
than government where I work for.
I can imagine that these kind of rules work for some committees but not for
mine. We have some very busy government and industry officials in our TC and
I certainly do not want to push them out with rules like the one about
coming to late or leaving to early. I am glad with the participation since
especially government bodies have also other organisations in which they
could discuss. In my case OECD!.  Working within the OASIS community I
consider important.
It could be helpful to use this rules when some members dysfunction.
I'm am most certainly not applying this rules strict. I hope to keep it as
long as we can with common courtesy not to come to late and so on.
Up till now I fill in the attendance list after the meeting. If it appears
that we did not reach the quorum: to bad. By the way up till now we always
got the quorum! Perhaps because our TC is small but also because we respect
that we contribute to our possibilities.

Harm Jan van Burg
Netherlands Tax and Customs administration
Chair Tax-xml TC

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Karl F. Best [mailto:karl.best@oasis-open.org] 
Verzonden: dinsdag 2 september 2003 19:42
Aan: 'chairs@lists.oasis-open.org'; 'James Bryce Clark'
Onderwerp: [chairs] changes in operation of TCs


I have just announced to the OASIS membership the revision of the TC 
Process. While most of the changes have to do with how new TCs are 
formed I want to remind you of the changes that will effect the 
operation of existing TCs.

Please start by reading the the new TC Process doc and summary of 
changes at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php

* When a person joins the TC, the Primary Representative of the person's 
employer company must be notified. (We'll be adding this as an automated 
Kavi functionality soon. As you don't have access to the email addresses 
of the Primary Reps so won't be able to do this manually, we'll hold off 
enforcing this item until the Kavi functionality is in place.)

* During probation the prospective member must maintain the same 2/3 
attendance as a member.

* Observers may post messages to the mail list. (If you've been setting 
people in the roster to Member without voting rights in order to 
circumvent the previous setting, please change these people to Observer.)

* Maintaining membership is based on attendance at TC meetings, which is 
now defined as being present during roll call at the beginning of the 
meeting. For TCs without meetings, membership is based on returning 2/3 

* Leave of absence is allowed once per twelve month period rather than 
once per calendar year. The TC chair must notify the TC via the TC mail 
list when a person goes on leave.

* A TC must have a chair, and in the absence of a chair cannot conduct 
any business other than electing a new chair. Co-chairs are allowed; no 
more than two people may share the responsibilities of chair and may be 
replaced jointly or individually.

* The TC's public comment list is replaced with a "means to collect 
public comments", which will be a web form. (This is to prevent the 
comment list from being used as a discussion list.) Comments collected 
by the web form will go to the chairs. I'm having the web forms built 
now and will announce to the comment lists when this change will take place.

* All communications and discussions of the TC must take place on the 
TC's list. (This is to ensure that all TC business is archived on the 
OASIS servers.)

* The TC may adopt standing rules, and must communicate those to the TC 
Admin who may override them. Standing rules may not relate to IPR. (If 
your TC has adopted any standing rules I would appreciate your 
communicating these to Jamie and myself.)

* TC charters may be clarified for the purpose of removing ambiguity and 
narrowing the scope of work only. New deliverables may be added within 
the scope of the TC. The clarification is approved by 2/3 vote with no 
more than 1/4 against. The clarification must be communicated to the TC 
Admin, who has 15 days to approve and announce the clarification.

* TCs may conduct electronic ballots, with a minimum of seven days for 
the ballot period. A majority of the TC must cast votes for the ballot 
to be valid, and the majority of votes cast determines the result.

* The TC may adopt a standing rule to allow making of motions 

* The TC may form a subcommittee, which must have a statement of 
purpose, deliverables, and chair. SC deliverables are made only to the TC.

* The TC Admin *may* close a TC that isn't holding meetings or not 
making progress towards achieving its purpose. The TC Admin *must* close 
a TC that has completed its deliverables. (Hint: to avoid being closed, 
a TC should add new deliverables to its charter after it has completed 
its original list.)

* The rules for Joint Committees have been rewritten to define that the 
TCs are members, not the people; how membership is maintained; and to 
define how TCs can join an existing JC.

* OASIS members can appeal the actions of the TC Admin to the Board.

* The "Committee Specification" is renamed to be "Committee Draft". 
(We'll grandfather the existing approved specs; we'll refer to them 
generically as Committee Drafts, but won't require you to change any 
existing documents.)

* The TC Admin must be notified of any vote, successful or not, to 
approve a specification as a Committee Draft. (The purpose is so that 
OASIS staff can work with the TC to begin promotion of the spec. OASIS 
Staff will schedule a concall with you to discuss how we can start 
promoting the work and discuss the schedule for advancement to OASIS 

* Substantive changes made to the spec after the public review starts 
will require that another review be conducted.

* The submission of the Committee Draft for consideration as an OASIS 
Standard must include a statement regarding how the spec relates to 
other existing work, an account of the voting for approval at the TC 
level, and a pointer to any minority reports.

Also, the revised TC Process says that 20% of membership is required to 
approve an OASIS Standard, up from 10%, but this is going to be 
discussed further by the Board.

While in general you should expect your TC's charter to be grandfathered 
  (i.e. we won't require you to immediately add the new information now 
required at the formation of a new TC), Jamie and I will be looking 
through the existing charters to see if there are any things that 
conflict with the new TC Process, and will contact you to see about 
getting these things changed. ***Any future charter revisions should 
include the addition of the new items required for charters in proposals 
(including definition of what is in/out of scope, who the audience is, 

You should also expect to see some additional changes made to the TC 
Process in the near future to support a revision of the OASIS IPR Policy 
which is currently being discussed by the Board. I'll keep you informed 
as there is anything to report.

Please contact Jamie or myself if you have questions about these 
changes. If there is sufficient interest we could set up one or more Q&A 
concalls. Jamie and I are working on a revision to the TC Guidelines 
which will reflect the revised TC Process.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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