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Subject: XBRL Conference - Events of interest to OASIS Tax TC

Those of you with an interest in XBRL as a payload standard for use within tax reporting systems, and more broadly, for tax data collection withing filers' organisations, might consider our upcoming conference of interest.  

It's in Seattle the week of November 3rd, and here are some specific sessions (it is possible to attend all days, or individual days -- see the site www.xbrl.org/seattle for further details):

Monday (Tutorials):
* Taxonomy and instance creation 
* Developer training on Specification 2.1
* Tutorial on XBRL-GL (closely related to SAF and more broadly usable for tax consolidation).

Tuesday (Public Day):
* Plenary session with 
  Dave Odell (CFO Hyperion)
  Susan Strausberg (CEO EDGAR Online)
  Tim Bray (co-author XML, CTO Antarctica Systems)
* Software shoot-out - a friendly competition among XBRL tool vendors!

Wendesday (Special Interest Sessions):
* Internal Reporting
* Financial Services and Regulatory Reporting
* Implementing XBRL in Products

Also, we have a Candidate Recommendation for XBRL 2.1 posted on our site at www.xbrl.org;
the quick link is here: http://www.xbrl.org/newsandevents/announcedetails.asp?newsid=8

Thanks -w

Walter Hamscher | Chair, XBRL International Steering Committee | Consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers

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