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Subject: XML Position Paper Comments

My comments on the XML Position Paper are primarily concerned with the
organization and flow of the information and points stressed.  If I
understand the story that we're trying to tell with this paper, I would
think that it should identify the business issues faced by the audience,
present XML as a means to provide a solution to some aspect of those
issues, discuss the OASIS TaxXML TC as an organisation dedicated to
providing tax information standards to facilitate this direction, identify
other applicable standards work that may support this goal and articulate
the audience's role in making this effort successful (participation).  If
this makes sense, the document would mostly just need to be re-arranged
with some additional content on the TaxXML TC (Michael will be providing
some suggestions on the content in another email).

Here's a suggestion for the outline of the document:

1  Executive Summary
2  Introduction
    2.1  Background
            -  Business Drivers
            -  Interoperability
            -  Existing State of Information Exchange
    2.2  Document Purpose
3  XML
    3.1  XML Overview
    3.2  XML-based Standards
    3.3  XML Value Proposition
           -  External
           -  Internal
    4.1  TaxXML Overview (Charter?)
    4.2  Direction
    4.3  Activities
    4.4  Liassons
5  XML Standards Development
    5.1  XBRL
    5.2  UBL
    5.3  OAG
    5.4  CIQ
    5.5  SAF
    5.6  STF
6  Summary
    6.1  TaxXML
    6.2  Recommendation (for Tax Administrations)


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