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Subject: White paper comments

I agree with Andy that it seems that finally we get some interesting
discussion in the group. It seems that we get some convergence with regards
to the 'white paper'. 
Although I do not consider myself and expert here I have the feeling
(listening to the discussion inside the group and in my administration) that
it is questionable if the use of XBRL outside the corporate(tax) domain is
the best way to go. I have no doubts for the corporate domain when we start
seeing taxes more as a event in financial (reporting) chain. That means that
we have to evolve in the way we organise filing and auditing in a more
continuous process and not merely as  transporting data tax legislators ask
for. In our administration we are starting discussions whether it is not
more efficient to leave as many data as we can in the company and audit it
when needed. I think that perceiving taxes in that way certainly makes a
compelling case for XBRL.
In other areas XML schema's might be more the route to go for the immediate
future. Perhaps we can define more clearly the win win situations.

Some other remarks for the white paper:
Looking at other papers produced by TC's it seems to be common practice to
include the list of members of the TC.

To point out the purpose of the document I will write a short preface and
include it in the next draft.

As far as the procedure is concerned. Our comment week has passed. Please
keep the discussion going. If you did not enter your comments please do so
tomorrow or today

Together with Arian and Chistine we will go through the comments and include
the as much as we can in the next draft. Hopefully to be posted at the end
of the week.


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