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Subject: RE: [tax] Comments on XML Position Paper

At 11:28 am +0100 23/3/04, marc.van.hilvoorde@nl.pwc.com wrote:
>Unfortunately I have no time to go into details, just a short reaction:
>>>(such as my example of UK PAYE tax and National
>Insurance contributions records)<<
>Where can I find these? I am not sure if i saw this example?

Sorry, "example" was a bad word to use - I didn't post any example
XML or anything, I was just referring to the fact that I had made
reference to this service in an earlier email in the thread.

> >>I simply think there is a boundary to XBRL's applicability somewhere,
>and there are some existing systems with which I'm familiar that I believe
>fall outside that boundary (and some that fall within it). We would do well
>to identify the boundary for those administrations who have yet to
>I fully agree with you here.
>I know that not all of my colleagues agree with me, but in my opinion there
>are very few data territories where accountants/auditors should not be
>interested in.

I would add the caveat: in the corporate world...


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