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Subject: OASIS Tax XML TC June Meeting Agenda

Title: Message
Based on the discussions at the San Francisco meeting the June Tax XML TC meeting will be in a large part be comprised of a number of working sessions on various aspects of the Tax XML effort. The agenda committee ( Harm, Andy, John, and myself) would like to invite input from the committee members on topics for consideration as part of these working sessions. Please submit your topic area with a desired output from the working session to me by 4/24. Below is a partial list of candidate topics the committee has constructed as a reference.
Peter DeCastro
         Certificate of Residence (COR)

a)     Review Business Process Paper

b)     Rationale for COR project

c)     Tax Vocabulary

d)     Requirements

e)   Project Plan

 Tax XML products for the near term and future(eg.):

a)      International Tax Vocabulary

b)     Tax XML Core Components

c)  TC Requirements

d)  Formal  Scope Statement of TaxXML

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