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Subject: Have a look at the positionpaper and send final comments to be included in the paper


Chistine Beasly and her team at ATO were asked by me to work though the
position paper before the meeting one more time. I think we could make it
sharper and therefore more useful for tax administrations round the world.
It is important that the paper sends out a clear message that cooperation is
useful, that open standards are important and that we are willing to lead
the way.
ATO is willing to include any comments in the paper before the meeting.
My question, please read to the paper one more time, look at the comments
you already submitted whether they were implemented correctly. Any
additional comments are welcome.
Send in comments via the list so that others can read them as well and react
if necessary.
To be able to include comments timely closure time is 6 pm eastern at
Tuesday 24. 

Harm Jan van Burg

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