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Subject: Indirect Tax Review Timeline

Greetings TaxXML TC,

During the face-to-face meeting in Washington, one of the break-out work
sessions focused on the technical and business analysis of indirect tax
components.  One of the main goals of this effort is to lay the ground work
for a review of the business transaction oriented schemas developed by OAG
and UBL in terms of their handling of indirect tax related information.
Some of this work has begun with a top down analysis of indirect tax and a
bottom up analysis of the schemas and the elements they contain.  A task
coming out of the work session was to put together a timeline for moving
this review process forward.

The attached is a first cut at this timeline.  (Just in time for the
Indirect Tax status update on the TC conference call later today)



(See attached file: IndirectTaxTimeline.pdf)


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