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Subject: TaxXMLProgrammeLondon-AG final.doc


Sorry for having missed some critical telecom's this week. Thanks Andy for
picking up on the agenda. I included some remarks from Paul Madden (ATO) and
Terry Lutes (IRS). If there are remarks to be made before the meeting feel
free to send them. Otherwise we will discuss the programme at the start of
the meeting so it will meet your demands.

The programme will also be updated in the KAVI system.

As a preparation for the meeting I ask you to review the proposed IPR
strategy of OASIS. The central question will be if the IPR policy will make
our future work within OASIS possible. 
On the OASIS charter: We got some remarks from OASIS HQ that the charter and
more precisely the deliverables does not seem to reflect the current
position of the TC. Please take a look and if there are any tekst change
suggestions please bring them to the table. For those of us not present
during the meeting, please send in via e-mail.

Harm Jan van Burg
Chair TAX-xml TC

TaxXMLProgrammeLondon-AG final.doc

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