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Subject: Groups - Tax XML Face-to-Face meeting modified

Tax XML Face-to-Face meeting has been modified by Harm-Jan van Burg (harmjan@vanburg.net).

Date:  Thursday, 23 September 2004
Time:  All Day

Event Description:
Location: The Berystede Hotel Conference Centre (http://www.berystede.com), Sunninghill, nr Ascot, Berkshire.

Travel: The nearest railway station is Sunningdale, on the Reading- Waterloo line (31 mins from Reading, 46 mins from Waterloo). For those arriving at Heathrow (upper right corner of map), the easiest option is a taxi - this will take about 20-25 minutes, depending on time of day.
There is no direct public transport from Heathrow to this particular area. Taxi drivers should know where Sunninghill is, but if in any doubt advise them to use Junction 13 of the M25, onto the A30, and then the A329. The hotel is about a mile south of the centre of Sunninghill, at the junction of the A330 and B3020.

Programme for the Tax XML face-to-face meeting Hosted by UK Inland Revenue

September 22nd  September 24th


September 22

6 pm-7 pm	Informal drink in hotel bar for those of us already booked in the hotel.
8 pm	Dinner.  Restaurant to be suggested.

September 23

9 am  9:15	Opening of the meeting   -- Harm Jan van Burg
	Welcome  -- Terry Hawes (UK Inland Revenue)
9:15  9:30	Discussion and adoption of August 26 teleconference minutes and Review of agenda for the two days (including thoughts on participation in working groups)  -- Harm Jan van Burg

9:30  10:00	Update of new developments (if any) within tax administrations (Australia, Germany, Canada, UK, US, Netherlands) Update on taxadministations SFO meeting.

10:00  11:00	Strategic position of the TC, its goals and possible tasks. Discussion of OASIS IPR policy change. Relations with OECD subgroups e.g Services, TIES and SAF  -- Harm Jan van Burg

11:00  12:30	CoR Working Group  -- John Glaubitz

11:00  12:30	Position Paper Working Group  -- Harm Jan van Burg

12.30  1:30	Lunch break

1:30  4:00	CoR Working Group Continued  -- John Glaubitz

1:30  4:00	XBRL Working Group		
XBRL progress in UK (by Terry), Australia (by Paul) and Netherlands (by Harm Jan); learning points how can we work together. What support we need from XBRL international

4:00  4:30	CoR Status and Next Steps  -- Full Committee

4:30  5:00	XBRL Status and Next Steps  -- Full Committee

5 pm	Close of the day short look back and look ahead for coming day  -- Harm Jan van Burg

7.30 pm	Team dinner, The Jade Fountain, Sunninghill (Chinese cuisine)

10 pm	Drafting OECD presentation to be discussed tomorrow  for those willing to participate

September 24

9:00  9:30	Summary of progress and kick off  -- Harm Jan van Burg

9:30  Noon	Indirect Tax Working Group  -- Andy Greener

9:30  Noon	Position Paper Working Group Continued  -- Harm Jan van Burg

12:00  1:00	Lunch break

1:00  2:15	Indirect Tax Working Group Continued  -- Andy Greener

1:00  2:15	Messaging and core components. How to go ahead with liaisons, position from group towards messaging issues.  Open session  - Harm Jan van Burg 

2:15  2:45	Indirect Tax Status and Next Steps  -- Full Committee

2:45  3:15	Position Paper Status and Next Steps  -- Full Committee

3:15  3:45	Messaging and Core Components Status and Next Steps	-- Full Committee / Open Session

3:45  4:30	Decisions about future work and results of this conference, possible presentation for OECD Services conference The Hague  -- Harm Jan van Burg

4:30  5:00	Planning upcoming teleconferences and face-to-face meeting  -- Harm Jan van Burg

5 pm		Conclusions and closure    -- Harm Jan van Burg


This event is one in a list of recurring events.
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Friday, 24 September 2004 All Day

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