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Subject: Re: [tax] position paper

Harm-Jan, (and all),
Congratulations! This was a very significant achievment for our group. We are now on the world map (at least the developed world map). While we had some ideas about how to improve the delivered document, getting this stake in the ground is a great start for such a diverse group as ours.

Harm Jan, thanks for steering us to this outcome.

Thomas Guinan

Federal Strategic Consulting Practice
IBM Business Consulting Services
800 N. Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
Office (301) 240-2373 (T/L 372) guinant@us.ibm.com
Mobile (240) 354-9042
Fax (301) 240-2340
Inactive hide details for "Harm-Jan van Burg" <harmjan@vanburg.net>"Harm-Jan van Burg" <harmjan@vanburg.net>

          "Harm-Jan van Burg" <harmjan@vanburg.net>

          10/01/2004 03:08 AM





[tax] position paper


I am happy and proud to announce that our position paper version 1.0 was
unanimously adopted by the OECD tax payer services subgroup. The paper now
will be send to the FTA (Forum on tax administration) bureau with the
purpose the be adopted by the full FTA e.g. The commissioners meeting. The
version 2.0 paper (We called it the 2005 version of the paper is now on the
work programme of the subgroup for 2005.

Harm Jan

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