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Subject: Re: [tax] Groups - Indirect Tax Candidate Reference Model (taxxml-indirect_tax_ref_model-1.0-spec-wd-05.doc) uploaded


This candidate reference model is being made available to the TC
as a whole for comment. Can I ask that comments are made directly
to John or myself for circulation amongst the Indirect Tax work
group, or if you want to debate points please use this list rather
than the TASC list so that everyone in the TC can participate.

We'd like comments prior to the end of December if possible please
so that we can finalise the Reference Model at our next conf call
in January, in preparation for using it at the face-to-face meeting
for a formal review of the tax components of UBL 1.0.

Thanks are due to John and Dave Chambers primarily for the bulk of
the work embodied in this document, but also to the other members of
the work group at various times, namely Michael Roytman, Alex Fiteni,
Andrew Webber, Arndt Liesen, Chas Coysh, Sally Brewis and Leslie-Ann
Scott (my apologies if I've missed anyone!).


At 7:42 pm +0000 9/12/04, John.Glaubitz@vertexinc.com wrote:
>The document named Indirect Tax Candidate Reference Model
>(taxxml-indirect_tax_ref_model-1.0-spec-wd-05.doc) has been submitted by
>John Glaubitz to the OASIS Tax XML TC document repository.
>Document Description:
>The purpose of this document is to present a model of the information
>contained within the messages exchanged between the participants involved
>in a business transaction whose primary purpose is not tax-related, but may
>be subject to the imposition of an indirect tax.  This model is intended to
>serve as a reference for any effort to structure the related messages
>(documents) to verify that the indirect tax implications are adequately


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andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005

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