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Subject: Position paper first draft


You will find a first draft of the position paper next generation. It is a very early and rough working document. Also the f2f notes and the mindmap.

First I want to deeply apologize to all of you for letting you all wait so long for this first version. I had a version a pretty long time ago, threw my notes away and wanted a last check on spelling. A couple weeks later I could not find this electronic version anymore, and I had a real tough time accepting this, because I thought it was a good start and had all the relevant points we had in our discussions in London. I regret not be able to join you.

I remember we had some sort of an agreement on a strong focus on higher management levels, to educate them and help them understand why using open standards, and in particular XML based standards are relevant for them. But the notes are totally uniform with my memory.

My idea was that we could structure the document as follows (apart from standard chapters like abstract/summary etc), :

1) What is the tax filing process (as we see it)
- What information does tax authority want from business?
- How can they get this information?
   - current processes
   - future processes
   - layers in the processes

2) Scenario's
 - Requirements for different scenario's
 - open standards
- ...
- ...

3) What are open standards?
What is XML?

4) How does open standards fit with relevant scenario's?
 - mapping of requirements and possible solutions

With these thougths and background I have started to structure the document. Needless to say that I just want to facilitate the discussion and that every possible outcome of the discussion can be incorporated into the document.


Met vriendelijke groet / best regards,

Marc van Hilvoorde

tel.: +31 (0)30 219 1706
mobile: +31 6 22 55 94 34


OASIS_XML_Position_Paper_next_generation_XML userguide_for_Tax_Administrators_v0.doc


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