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Subject: New UN/CEFACT Working Group for eForms

The attached documents are a call for participation in a new UN/CEFACT
Working Group, TBG2, which will be formed next week at the F2F meeting in
Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of this group will be to develop eforms that are
compatible with UN/CEFACT standards and UBL. The initial focus is on supply
chain, but the work will not be limited to supply chain. 

If there is anyone interested in participating in this effort outside of
North America, they should contact Michael Dill at dill@gefeg.com.

If there is anyone in North America who is interested in contributing to
this effort, but unable to attend UN/CEFACT meetings, please contact me
directly off-line at swebb@gefeg.com.

Sylvia Webb

UneDocs_call_for_participat final.doc


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