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Subject: moving April face to face to May


During the last face meeting in Sydney we agreed to have our next face to
face in Boston MA back to back to the XBRL int conference. 
In some off line discussions this appeared not to be such a good idea after
1 The time between the meetings would be to short. We would have to go to
four meetings this year if we would organise one in Januari, april and june
(as was agreed).
A better schedule would be January/February, May/June, September/October.
2. Due to cuts in costs with many agencies we would stretch it too much if
we are going to four meetings. I would like to see a continued good turn up.
This is only achievable if we work efficiently.
3. I expect that not many participants of this group are going to the XBRL
conference anyway, so the reason to organise back to back is not that
4. There is no tax-track in the XBRL int conference, only a short half day
regulators track. From a tax perspective not a compelling argument to go to
Boston. (off course you could hear me speak, but that is not that

Together with John and his Vertex management we chose 26 and 27 of May. Two
days for a normal working conference. Nicely connected to the weekend so
plenty of possibility to visit the beautiful city of Philadelphia.
I hope is convenient for all of us.
Because John has already starting preparations (finding a good and
affordable hotel and meeting facilities) it would be highly appreciated if
you could confirm your presence. Please do so by mailing John
john.glaubitz@vertexinc.com  in the coming days. For those of you with
longer procedures please confirm in principle if you are willing to come.

Harm Jan van Burg

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