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Subject: Re: [tax] Positionpaper 2.0


I'm trying to track down the list of contributions but cannot find
any details in the minutes that Christine posted.  (I asked her and
she has no more information).  I also cannot find a version of the
Position Paper on Kavi that's newer than 1.0.

Are these documents available online?  If so, please point me to
them (and accept my apologies for not finding them myself).


On Tue, 3 May 2005 14:09:37 +0200, Harm-Jan van Burg wrote:

>During the face to face in Philadelphia we want to finalise 
>the 2.0 version of the position paper. In Sydney we discussed 
>a couple of individual contributions we were planning to make 
>before the meeting.
>Please post the contributions (see the minutes) prior to the 
>face to face conference so that we can get the discussions 
>on the conference as efficient as possible. If you have any 
>remarks on specific contributions please send them to the 
>person who posted them.
>If you feel it is necessary to make any other changes to the 
>position paper please send them as well. Is in particularly 
>for those of us who could not be present in Sydney or can not 
>be present in Philadelphia
>Harm Jan van Burg, chair
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Andrew Webber  [consultant to CRA]
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