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Subject: See you in Philadelphia


Tomorrow some of you might already start their trip to Philadelphia for our
next face to face meeting. For the attendees: please bring along your
contributions to the white paper. For those of you who are unable to come
please send by e-mail any remarks or thoughts you want to have inserted in
the documents.
Next to planning the next set of Teleconferences we also will be planning
the next face to face meeting. If any of you are willing to host a meeting
please make that known. I plan to schedule a meeting in the last week of
September. If you have any ideas concerning the date please send an e-mail.

For the travellers: have a safe trip. Pre conference drinks (own expense) at
6 PM  wednesday in the hotel. John,Peter and I will have a preconference
meeting at 4 pm. See you at the Rittenhouse.
For the others: hope to see you next time.

Regards Harm Jan

PS. A personal note : today I have been elected chair of OASIS e-gov TC. Off
course I will continue to serve the tax-TC as well

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