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Subject: PPv1.05

I've uploaded an updated version (1.05) of this file to the OASIS
site.  If you have any difficulty downloading, please email and
I'll send one directly.

Thanks to Arndt, Harm-Jan, and Sylvia, for the comments.  And
thanks to those who reviewed but didn't comment.

As before, I've transcribed each person's changes and comments
using a unique ID for each.  I also added my own comments and
editing changes.

Please review and provide your comments on the comments
(meta-comments?) as well as on the base document.  Most of the
tasks from Philadelphia have been done, but there are lots of
comments on the current state of the document, all of which have to
be addressed before we can say we're done.

And of course, any comments/questions can be sent to me directly or
(preferably) to the list.


Andrew Webber  [consultant to CRA]
Offsite: awebber@wwwebbers.com (613-842-8116)
Onsite: Andrew.Webber@ccra-adrc.gc.ca (613-952-1890)

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