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Subject: RE: [tax] Groups - PPv1.06 (OASIS_XML_Position_Paper_for_Tax_Administrators_v1-06.doc) uploaded

Very quick reactions upon a skim... Great work from all concerned here,
sorry can't make the call.

- Nothing wrong with a combined glossary and acronyms table - suggest stet

- Re xbrl fr - there really isn't any such thing, suggest the right phrasing
is "While most XBRL taxonomies to date have provided a standardised format
for aggregated..."

- Re XBRL adoption in 2-5 years... yes the GG positioning was updated just
last month, but their more detailed notes on XBRL do indicate that timelines
vary quite a bit for different for different XBRL applications.  The picture
is diverse enough to start defying simple characterisation.  Also, their
definition of 'fully adopted' has some subtleties that when fully
explicated, mean that, bottom line, widespread xbrl adoption can be assumed
well within the IT planning horizons of any government regulator including
tax authorities (see for example quotes from DOL and FDIC at
http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/xbrl-public/message/3369).  I think
the fix here might be to simply update the sentence to indicate the date on
that characterisation and leave it at that.

- Attachment 3 - the separation of XBRL and XBRL GL in the picture is, as
AW's sidebar notes, one of those cases where something is introduced without
a lot of explanation what & why - GL is kind of interwoven as a fundamental
part of XBRL International's specification and guidance stack
(http://www.xbrl.org/technical/SGS-PWD-2005-05-17.htm) so again it defies a
simple two-blue-block treatment.  I suspect the other orgs on that slide
would say the same (perhaps at greater length :-) so either provide a
comparably complete picture for the others as for UBL, or maybe just remove.

- Attachment 4 - might be less work to simply label this as the original
OASIS charter (which I think it is) and leave it at that.

Walter Hamscher | www.hamscher.com | Vice Chair, XBRL International |
Consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Sent: Friday, August 05, 2005 1:32 PM
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Subject: [tax] Groups - PPv1.06
(OASIS_XML_Position_Paper_for_Tax_Administrators_v1-06.doc) uploaded

The document named PPv1.06
(OASIS_XML_Position_Paper_for_Tax_Administrators_v1-06.doc) has been
submitted by Andrew Webber to the OASIS Tax XML TC document repository.

Document Description:
Incorporates comments received since the last release, in anticipation of
today's telecon.

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