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Subject: Comments from Tax XML on Invoice and Small Business Subset submission

Dear All,
The Indirect Tax Subcommittee of the Tax XML TC met yesterday to discuss their review of the small business subset schema and the UBL invoice.  Their comments are as follows:
1) In their opinion, the SBS submission is an implementation guide. As such, they do not believe it should be submitted as a standard.
2) There is no difference from a tax perspective in the requirements for reporting taxes for small businesses. If you are required by law to report and pay them, the requirements are the same, regardless of the size of the business.  For this reason, all data elements that have been identified as required for a large business are also applicable to a small business. It was also mentioned that a business who used software from a software vendor who claimed support for the small business subset with incomplete tax data elements, could potentially have serious problems if they were unaware of tax laws and assumed that they did not need to report additional tax information based on it's absence from the software. 
3) For the UBL Invoice, they would like further information on our definition of Tax Category and Item Tax Category.  After studying Stephen Greens questions, and the UBL issues list, it does not appear that their definition for these items is the same as UBL's.  Upon receipt of this additional information, they will answer Stephen's questions and submit additional comments.
4) Moving forward, they believe they can be of best assistance to UBL by providing examples and explanations of how tax data elements can be used in UBL messages.  I suggested that this item be discussed in the newly formed Purchasing subcommittee.
5) The Indirect Tax Subcommittee members have offered to be available via email and to participate in pre-scheduled meetings for further discussions as needed.
Sylvia Webb

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