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Subject: XBRL Liaison SC call, Thursday at 3 pm EST

I won't cross post often, but if you haven't become a member of the XBRL Liaision SC and are interested, here is a chance to take part in a call designed to discuss direction and goals for the group ... call information below.

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Tax XBRL Liaison SC teleconference has been added by Eric Cohen

Date:  Thursday, 22 December 2005
Time:  03:00pm - 04:00pm ET

Event Description:
All Participants should use the following information to reach the conference call:
Toll Free (Americas):  (877)581-9247
International Dial In Number:  (734)414-0271

Tentative agenda
1. Attendance
2. Agenda check
3. Review results of Ottawa session
4. Discuss workplan deliverables:
- Audit trail document
- Framework plan
- Practical applications of XBRL document
5. Schedule upcoming calls
6. Events and opportunities
- XBRL US meeting in San Jose, 18-19 January 2006
7. Other business

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