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Subject: Groups - Tax-xml TC conference London added

Tax-xml  TC conference London has been added by Mr. Harm-Jan van Burg

Date:  Friday, 24 February 2006
Time:  09:00am - 12:00pm GMT

Event Description:
see previous days

Programme for the Tax XML face to face meeting 
Hosted by United Kingdom H. M. Revenue & Customs

February 22nd  February 24th, 2006

February 21

6.00-7.00 pm	Informal drink in hotel bar for those of us already arrived.

8.00	Dinner. Restaurant to be suggested.
February 22

10.00 am	Welcome by Terry Hawes on behalf of HMRC.
Opening of the meeting by Harm Jan van Burg. 
10.10	Discussion and adoption of January 26 teleconference minutes.

10.15		Update of developments within tax administrations (Australia, Canada, UK, US, Netherlands).

11.30	Detailed planning of breakout sessions during the face to face meeting. Comparison with the agreed 2006 work plan.

12.00	Lunch break.

1.30 pm	Taxpayer Identification. Plenary discussion on the use of CIQ in relation to work on the COR project. Position of the TC. Identifying future work.

3.00  	Breakout sessions:
	COR project
	Business group on relations between Tax XML and OECD Taxpayer Services Group

4.00 	Report back, plenary discussion. Defining action items.

4.30	Discussion of letter to OASIS Board of Directors re: KAVI system.

5.00	Close of the day, short look back and look ahead for coming day.

6.30	Dinner, location to be suggested.

February 23

9.00 am	Kick off by Harm Jan.

9.30	Plenary strategic discussion on the implementation of XBRL.
The adoption of XBRL GL, technical and strategic issues on XBRL adoption in relationship to the work of Tax XML TC. 
A kick off by Harm Jan and Eric Cohen. 

10.15	Working groups on Indirect taxation and XBRL liaison.

12.15 pm	Report back.

12.30	Lunch break.

1.30 	Discussion on scope of the project on payroll taxes and XML standards.

2.45	Building relations with the software industry. A discussion with a kick off from Harm Jan with experiences in the Dutch national XBRL project.

4.00	Design principles. Progress on UBL name and design rules project. A case study presented by Marc van Hilvoorde (KPMG) on the design principles used for the Dutch XBRL project.

5.00	Conclusions.

7.00	Team dinner, location to be suggested.
February 24

9.00 am	Working group activities as agreed on February 22.
Discussion in subcommittees on future work projects.
How do we benefit the most from the work that has been done in different countries, and which help can we organise?

11.00	Planning teleconferences and next face to face meeting.

12.00	Plenary closing of the meeting by Harm Jan.


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SUMMARY:Tax-xml  TC conference London
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