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Subject: Madrid travel plans?

At past meetings, someone has kept track of who's arriving when, and
where they're staying.  I'll volunteer to do that for Madrid (unless
someone else is, in which case, nevermind).

As I recall, the usual info is when (and how?) you're arriving, where
you're staying during the TC meeting, and whether you plan to join the
group at the pre-meeting dinner (in this case Wednesday).  If anyone
wants to send me that information, I'll compile into a single document
and email it directly to the respondents, probably on Monday.  You can
believe I won't post it to KAVI!

(This is not intended as a substitute for telling Eric and Harm the
names of those attending, nor is it intended to solicit listings already
placed with another agent ;).

 Andrew                          mailto:awebber@wwwebbers.com

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