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Subject: Further to TaxXML future

As discussed Tuesday.  regards

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Attending F2F in Miami ...
From: James Bryce Clark <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>
To: Burg, HJM (Harm Jan) van (INNOVATIE) <h.j.m.burg@minfin.nl>

   * * * Thank you. Harm Jan, for a candid assessment.  We do
better when we get clear feedback.  We appreciate your willingness
over the past few years to work with us to define common interests.
* * * Here are a few thoughts about the progress of TaxXML within OASIS
and generally.

   *  I agree with you that abstract policymaking rarely fits well
within standardization committees of any sort.  As OASIS (and the
XML world which we serve) matures into an implementation phase, is 
defining useful structures for cooperation regarding existing 
standards and their practical uses.  It's different work than 
policy, and different than initial technical specification writing. 
  We will look forward to your feedback, from whatever directions, 
as we evolve those forums. * * * Government advocates are the heart
and soul of quite a few of our key projects, within their own
"silos" of expertise.

   *  TaxXML's work has been not been so much abstract policy, but
rather, evaluation of various XML standards for possible use in tax
administration.  The committee provided to OECD some very good
initial work on this.  I'm not entirely sure what you expect from
commercial software vendors who are not tax domain experts, though. 
  Vendors participate and engage (generally) when there are concrete
requirements.  * * * Regardless of [the venue in which] government
"customers" deal with vendors -- the data modeling requirements 
necessarily come from the subject matter experts.

   *  Of course, the specific choice of several representational
methods for business data is on the TC's agenda.  Some recent
TC-list chat frames this as UBL versus XBRL.  That might be
premature, or political, more than a reflection of requirements. * * 
* The project of harmonized, global, cross-industry data elements
for economic events is still young.  There are diverse stakeholders. 
I've asked our colleague Dee to learn what new tests or
developments from your field are guiding your group's evaluations.

    Personally I do not expect UBL, XBRL, or anything else to become
"the" final word, in spite of advocacy, at this stage.  We wouldn't
recommend any 5 year plan that assumes that any one existing method
will "win."  Rather, we hope that users (like tax regulators) will
be critical, thoughtful users who help improve these early attempts. 
  Obviously we'll be happy to work and liaise with the stakeholders
and standards projects that help make this occur.

   I will make some of the above points, in an appropriate way, to
the TC as well.  Harm Jan, we appreciate the strong support that you
and your government have given to open standards in a variety of
venues.  Thank you for welcoming Dee, and best of luck with your

   Kind regards  Jamie

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

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