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Subject: TaxXML notes

Hi Michael,
Here are a few notes based on Patrick's comments during the last TC meeting
if you would like to incorporate them into your minutes:

Patrick Gannon, OASIS President & CEO, spoke with the TC to emphasize the
importance of the Tax XML TC work at OASIS. 

'This is why we have assigned our Senior Advisor on International Standards
Policy, as the TC Staff Contact for this TC.  We are also making Dee Schur
available to help coordinate outreach activities of this TC.'

'In addition, the OASIS Staff has been working to find methods to enable the
type of requirements gathering discussions that the governmental finance
administration members need to have that can be shared with TC members using
email lists that are archived for OASIS members-only.  A summary of
potential methods is being drafted by Staff and will be shared with the TC
before the next TC meeting.'

Let me know if you would like my notes from Miami, they are mostly
descriptive of each participant since I did not know each TC member, which
may not be useful to the group. I also have some notes about the Process
Modeling which we discussed in the separate group.


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