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tc-announce message

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Subject: OASIS TC Call for Participation

OASIS members:

A new OASIS technical committee is being formed. The Entity Resolution TC
has been proposed by Lauren Wood, SoftQuad Software Inc.; Norman Walsh, Sun
Microsystems; Paul Grosso, Arbortext, Inc.; and John Cowan, Reuters Health.
The request for a new TC meets the requirements of the OASIS TC process, and
is attached below. The purpose and goals of the committee are below.

To become a member of this new TC you should notify Lauren Wood, the
committee chair, of your interest, and participate in the first meeting. For
the procedure for joining after the first meeting see the TC process at

I have created a mail list, entity-resolution, for the committee
discussions. OASIS members who are interested in participating in this
committee should subscribe to the entity-resolution list by sending a
message to entity-resolution-request@lists.oasis-open.org with the word
"subscribe" as the body of the message.

Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

From:           	"Lauren Wood" <lauren@sqwest.bc.ca>
To:             	tc_admin@oasis-open.org
Date sent:      	Wed, 11 Oct 2000 11:01:34 -0700
Subject:        	submission for formation of a new TC
Send reply to:  	lauren@sqwest.bc.ca
Priority:       	normal

Name of TC: Entity Resolution TC.

Statement of Purpose:
The objective of the Entity Resolution TC is to provide facilities to
address issue A of the OASIS catalog specification (TR 9401).
These facilities will take into account new XML features and delete
those features of TR 9401 that are only applicable to SGML, as
well as those features applicable only to issue B in TR 9401.

The Entity Resolution TC will produce a Committee Specification
that uses XML syntax and provides a DTD (potentially also an XML
Schema) for that syntax.
This specification will be ready by August 2001.

The Entity Resolution TC intends to submit the Committee
Specification as an OASIS Standard after sufficient implementation
experience has been gathered.

The Entity Resolution TC will conduct its business in English.

The Entity Resolution TC will meet by telephone on alternate
Monday afternoons at 2 pm Pacific time, starting on November 27,
2000. Meetings will last for one hour. The Entity Resolution TC will
not hold face-to-face meetings. Meetings will not be held on public
holidays that affect the majority of the participants.

The OASIS PEOTCPs that are committed to the meeting schedule
Lauren Wood, lauren@sqwest.bc.ca, SoftQuad Software Inc.
Norman Walsh, Norman.Walsh@East.Sun.COM, Sun
Microsystems, Inc.
Paul Grosso, pgrosso@arbortext.com, Arbortext, Inc.
John Cowan, jcowan@reutershealth.com, Reuters Health

The chair of the Entity Resolution TC will be Lauren Wood of
SoftQuad Software Inc.

The telephone bridge will be sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since there are no face-to-face meetings, there are no face-to-face
meeting sponsors.

Lauren Wood
Director of Product Technology
SoftQuad Software Inc.

------- End of forwarded message -------

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