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Subject: Announcement of Joint Committee creation: ebXML JC

This is an announcement of the creation of the ebXML Joint Committee.
This announcement is informative only and is not a call for
participation. The charter of the JC is appended.

Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

Proposal for creation of OASIS Joint Committee

Name of proposed JC: OASIS ebXML Joint Committee

Statement of Purpose: To coordinate the efforts of the OASIS ebXML TCs.
Initial members of the JC will be the OASIS ebXML TCs but other TCs
related to electronic business may be invited to join later.

List of deliverables with projected dates: None; the purpose of this JC
is coordination of individual TCs' technical work only, and has no
anticipated deliverable.

Language used to conduct business: English

Date/time of first JC meeting (no less than 45 days from submission): 15
November 2001

Meeting schedule for first year: A monthly teleconference, the regular
schedule to be determined at the first JC meeting.

Names/email/affiliation of three or more persons committed to the
meeting schedule of this JC:
 - Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce, dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com
 - Philippe DeSmedt, Agentis, pdesmedt@agentisinternational.com
 - Ian Jones, British Telcom, ian.c.jones@bt.com
 - Lisa Carnahan, NIST, lisa.carnahan@nist.gov

List of TCs that will participate in the JC:
 - OASIS ebXML Messaging
 - OASIS ebXML Registry

List of at least one person from each TC who will participate in the JC:
 - from the OASIS ebXML CPPA TC: Dale Moberg
 - from the OASIS ebXML IIC TC: Philippe DeSmedt
 - from the OASIS ebXML Messaging TC: Ian Jones
 - from the OASIS ebXML Registry TC: Lisa Carnahan

Name of JC chair: Dale Moberg. The chair will be held on a rotating
basis according to a schedule agreed to at the first meeting.

Name of telcon meeting sponsor: OASIS (Karl Best)

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