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tc-announce message

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Subject: [tc-announce] OASIS TC Call For Participation: Open Office XML TC

A new OASIS technical committee is being formed. The OASIS Open Office 
XML Format Technical Committee has been proposed by the following 
members of OASIS: Doug Alberg, Boeing; Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems; 
Paul Bunkham, Sony; John Chelsom, CSW; Patrick Durusau, Society of 
Biblical Literature; Paul Grosso, Arbortext; Tom Magliery, Corel; Monica 
Martin, Drake Certivo; Daniel Vogelheim, Sun Microsystems; and the 
following individual members: Sean McGrath, Uche Ogbuji, and
Lauren Wood.

The proposal for a new TC meets the requirements of the OASIS TC Process 
(see http://oasis-open.org/committees/process.shtml), and is appended to 
this message. The proposal, which includes a statement of purpose, list 
of deliverables, and proposed schedule, will constitute the TC's 
charter. The TC Process allows these items to be clarified (revised) by 
the TC members; such clarifications (revisions), as well as submissions 
of technology for consideration by the TC and the beginning of technical 
discussions, may occur no sooner than the TC's first meeting.

To become a member of this new TC you must 1) be an employee of an OASIS 
member organization or an Individual member of OASIS; 2) notify the TC 
chair, Michael Brauer (michael.brauer@sun.com) of your intent to 
participate at least 15 days prior to the first meeting; and 3) attend 
the first meeting on 16 December. You should also subscribe to the TC's 
mail list. Note that membership in OASIS TCs is by individual, and not 
by organization. You must be eligible for participation at the time you 
time you notify the chair.

The private mail list office@lists.oasis-open.org is for committee 
discussions. TC members as well as any other interested OASIS members 
should subscribe to the list by going to the mail list web page at 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl, or by sending a message to 
office-request@lists.oasis-open.org with the word "subscribe" as the 
body of the message. (Note that subscribing to the mail list does not 
make you a member of the TC; to become a member you must contact the TC 
chair and attend the first meeting as described in the preceeding 

A public comment list will be available for the public to make comments 
on the work of this TC; a message may be sent to the TC via the address 

The archives of both of these mail lists are visible to the public at 

Additional information related to this topic is found on the Cover Pages 
at http://xml.coverpages.org/xmlFileFormats.html


Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org



The name of this TC shall be the OASIS Open Office XML Format TC.


The purpose of this TC is to create an open, XML-based file format 
specification for office applications.

The resulting file format must meet the following requirements:

1) it must be suitable for office documents containing text, 
spreadsheets, charts, and graphical documents,

2) it must be compatible with the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
v1.0 and W3C Namespaces in XML v1.0 specifications,

3) it must retain high-level information suitable for editing the document,

4) it must be friendly to transformations using XSLT or similar 
XML-based languages or tools,

5) it should keep the document's content and layout information separate 
such that they can be processed independently of each other, and

6) it should 'borrow' from similar, existing standards wherever possible 
and permitted.

Since the OpenOffice.org XML format specification meets these criteria 
and has proven its value in real life, this TC will use it as the basis 
for its work.

Sun Microsystems intends to contribute the OpenOffice.org XML Format to 
this TC at the first meeting of the TC, under reciprocal Royalty Free terms.

A standard for office document processing and interchange will be of 
great utility to many users and software companies developing 
applications, and should be made available as soon as possible.

Thus, the work of this TC will be done in two phases:

1) In the first phase, this TC will use proven and established 
constructs so that the resulting standard can satisfy the immediate 
needs of many users, as well as serve as a base for future, less 
restricted development.

The work of this TC in the first phase will concentrate on the following 

      A ) establishing a mechanism and policy for extensions, preferably 
relying on XML namespaces,

      B) establishing a set of 'core' elements and attributes to be 
supported by all implementations,

      C) incorporating feedback from early adopters of the base 
specification and fixing technical problems that may have been uncovered,

      D) ensuring that the resulting specification and documentation are 
consistent and of high quality.

The TC aims to complete the first phase within six months of the TC's 

2) In the second phase, this TC will extend the base specification to 
encompass additional areas of applications or users.

The work of this TC in the second phase will additionally allow for the 
following areas:

      A) enabling additional areas of application,

      B) exploring new or experimental ideas for office document 
representation, and

      C) extending the expressiveness of the format.


Each of the TC's phases will result in a Committee Specification that 

- a set of XML DTDs/schemas setting the vocabulary, constraints and 
semantics of the file format in question, and

- a set of written specifications that describe the elements and 
attributes of the DTDs/schemas in plain English.

At the appropriate time the TC shall submit its Committee Specifications 
for balloting by OASIS membership for OASIS standard status.

Under no circumstances shall the TC accept, during any phase, 
contributions that are not granted to all under perpetual, royalty free, 
non-discriminatory terms.

This TC shall not finalize or approve a specification if it believes 
that the use, distribution, or implementation of such specification 
would necessarily require the unauthorized infringement of any party's 
rights known to the technical committee, and such party has not agreed 
to provide necessary license rights on perpetual, royalty-free, 
non-discriminatory terms.


The TC shall conduct its proceedings in English.


The first meeting of the XML Office Documents TC will take place on 
December 16th 2002, from 8am to 12 noon, US Pacific time, over the 
phone, at a number to be provided to prospective participants no later 
than 5 days before the meeting. That date and time will be the time of 
record for establishing initial voting membership under the OASIS TC 

A face to face meeting of the TC shall be arranged at the first meeting, 
to take place no later than three months after the initial phone meeting.

After the initial meeting the TC shall meet bi-weekly over the phone, 
except for the one face to face meeting mentioned above, during the 
first phase. During the second phase the TC shall meet monthly over the 
phone, or as it is agreed upon at that time.


The following persons eligible to participate in OASIS technical 
committees state that they are committed to the purpose and schedule 
stated above:

Doug Alberg, Boeing (doug.alberg@boeing.com)
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems (michael.brauer@sun.com)
Paul Bunkham, Sony (paulb@dev.mms.sonybpe.com)
John Chelsom, CSW (john.chelsom@csw.co.uk)
Patrick Durusau, Society of Biblical Literature (pdurusau@emory.edu)
Paul Grosso, Arbortext (pgrosso@arbortext.com)
Tom Magliery, Corel (tom.magliery@corel.com)
Monica Martin, Drake Certivo (mmartin@certivo.net)
Sean McGrath, individual (sean.mcgrath@propylon.com)
Uche Ogbuji, individual (uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com)
Daniel Vogelheim, Sun Microsystems (daniel.vogelheim@sun.com)
Lauren Wood, individual (lauren@textuality.com)


The TC shall be chaired by Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems.


The sponsor for face-to-face meetings during the first year shall be Sun 
Microsystems.  The sponsor for phone meetings during the first year 
shall be Sun Microsystems.

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