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Subject: [tc-announce] OASIS TC Call for Participation: WSRM TC (ReliableMessaging)

A new OASIS technical committee is being formed. The OASIS Web Services 
Reliable Messaging Technical Committee (WS-RM TC) has been proposed by 
the following members of OASIS: Doug Bunting, Sun Microsystems; David 
Burdett, Commerce One; David Chappell, Sonic Software; Colleen Evans, 
Sonic Software; Kazunori Iwasa, Fujitsu; Sunil Kunisetty, Oracle; Jeff 
Mischkinsky, Oracle; Katsutoshi Nihei, NEC; Eisaku Nishiyama, Hitachi; 
Sanjay Patil, IONA; Tom Rutt, Fujitsu; Alan J. Weissberger, NEC; Pete 
Wenzel, See Beyond; Scott Werden, WRQ; Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Hitachi; 
Prasad Yendluri, webMethods; and Sinisa Zimek, SAP.

The proposal for a new TC meets the requirements of the OASIS TC Process 
(see http://oasis-open.org/committees/process.shtml), and is appended to 
this message. The proposal, which includes a statement of purpose, list 
of deliverables, and proposed schedule, will constitute the TC's 
charter. The TC Process allows these items to be clarified (revised) by 
the TC members; such clarifications (revisions), as well as submissions 
of technology for consideration by the TC and the beginning of technical 
discussions, may occur no sooner than the TC's first meeting.

To become a member of this new TC you must 1) be an employee of an OASIS 
member organization or an Individual member of OASIS; 2) notify the TC 
chair, Tom Rutt (trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com) of your intent to participate at 
least 15 days prior to the first meeting; and 3) attend the first 
meeting on 26 March 2003. You should also subscribe to the TC's mail 
list. Note that membership in OASIS TCs is by individual, and not by 
organization. You must be eligible for participation at the time you 
time you notify the chair.

The private mail list wsrm@lists.oasis-open.org is for committee 
discussions. TC members as well as any other interested OASIS members 
should subscribe to the list by going to the mail list web page at 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl, or by sending a message to 
wsrm-request@lists.oasis-open.org with the word "subscribe" as the body 
of the message. (Note that subscribing to the mail list does not make 
you a member of the TC; to become a member you must contact the TC chair 
and attend the first meeting as described in the preceeding paragraph.)

A public comment list will be available for the public to make comments 
on the work of this TC; a message may be sent to the TC via the address 

The archives of both of these mail lists are visible to the public at 


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org


The name of this Technical Committee is the Web Services Reliable 
Messaging (WS-RM) Technical Committee (TC).


The purpose of this TC is to create a generic and open model for 
ensuring reliable message delivery for Web services.

This TC defines reliable message delivery as the ability to guarantee 
message delivery to software applications - Web services or Web service 
client applications - with a chosen level of quality of service (QoS).

For this TC effort, QoS will be defined as the ability to determine the 
following aspects of message delivery:

   · Message persistence
   · Message acknowledgement and resending
   · Elimination of duplicate messages
   · Ordered delivery of messages
   · Delivery status awareness for sender and receiver applications

The TC will specify rules for combining these features and their parameters.

Essential elements of web services are SOAP and WSDL. The specification 
to be created will provide WSDL definitions for reliable messaging and 
the message formats will be specified as SOAP headers and/or body 
content. The resulting specification must be programming 
language-neutral and platform-neutral.

Lastly, the TC will address the dependencies between the capacity of the 
messaging nodes (persistence, message processing) and the level of QoS 
that can be provided.

The TC will focus on end-to-end reliable messaging. The TC will 
initially define reliable messaging requirements for Web services at the 
SOAP protocol level but can specify reliable messaging solutions that 
can be used with other messaging protocols

Interoperability, ease of implementation, and ease of use will be 
fundamental characteristics for WS-RM. The TC’s work should build upon 
similar, existing standards wherever possible and permitted and align 
with other relevant standards. Alignment means any of the following: 
feature reuse, bindings, guidelines on how to jointly use the 
specification with other related ones, or addressing requirements from 
other related standards.

Composability is a critical aspect of Web Service specifications. The 
resulting specification must be non-overlapping with, and have 
demonstrated composability with other Web Service specifications that 
are being developed in open, recognized standards setting organizations. 
The WS-RM TC will collaborate with other relevant OASIS TCs, such as the 
ebXML Message Service and the WS-Security TCs, as appropriate. The WS-RM 
TC will also work to align with relevant efforts of other organizations, 
such as the W3C’s Web Service Architecture Working Group.

The WS-RM TC will accept as input the WS-Reliability specification [1] 
published by Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oracle, NEC, Sonic Software and Sun 
Microsystems on January 9, 2003. Other contributions in addition to 
WS-Reliability will be accepted for consideration without any prejudice 
or restrictions, and evaluated on their technical merit, as long as the 
contributions conform to this charter.

The benefits and results of this work will be:

   · The establishment of a standard and interoperable way of achieving 
a known, acceptable, and defined level of reliability at the SOAP 
messaging level.

   · The establishment of a common vocabulary for describing reliable 
message exchange patterns.


The following features are outside the WS-RM TC’s scope:

   · Synchronous RPC at the application level
   · Conversations
   · Routing
   · Security: However, other mechanisms, such as work from the Web 
Services Security TC at OASIS, should be able to be used along with an 
implementation of this specification.
   · Encryption
   · Message Integrity: However, WS-RM’s work should be able to be used 
with Digital Signatures to provide some level of message integrity
   · Authentication
   · Message Non-Repudiation
   · Mechanisms for transaction and service references

As appropriate, this TC will use policy frameworks that are developed in 
open, recognized standards setting organizations and that meet the 
requirements of this TC for specifying quality of service levels.

In no event shall this Technical Committee finalize or approve any 
technical specification if it believes that the use, distribution, or 
implementation of such specification would necessarily require the 
unauthorized infringement of any third party rights known to the 
Technical Committee, and such third party has not agreed to provide 
necessary license rights on perpetual, royalty-free, non-discriminatory 


   · Reliability requirements document, such as use cases for WS-RM in 
EAI, B2B and wireless scenarios. Due within 2 months of first meeting.
   · WS-Reliability specification, including description of 
WS-Reliability bindings to transport protocol(s). This specification 
will reflect refinements and changes made to the submitted version of 
WS-Reliability that are identified by the WS-RM TC members for 
additional functionality and semantic clarity within the scope of the TC 
charter. Final draft due within 6 months of first meeting.

At the appropriate time the TC shall submit its Committee Specifications 
for balloting by OASIS membership for OASIS Standard status.


All business will be conducted in English.


The first meeting of the WS-RM TC will take place on Wednesday, 3/26, 
2003, from 14:30 to 16:30 PST, over the phone, at a number to be 
provided to prospective participants no later than 5 days before the 
meeting. That date and time will be the time of record for establishing 
initial voting membership under the OASIS TC process. After the initial 
teleconference meeting, the TC shall meet bi-weekly over the phone 
unless another schedule is agreed upon. For example, phone meetings will 
not be necessary during face to face meetings.

A face to face meeting of the TC in the San Francisco area of the U.S. 
shall be arranged at the first phone meeting, to take place no later 
than three months after this initial phone meeting. Subsequent face to 
face meetings will be quarterly.


The following persons eligible to participate in OASIS technical 
committees state that they are committed to the purpose and schedule 
stated above:

Doug Bunting, Sun Microsystems, doug.bunting@sun.com
David Burdett, Commerce One, david.burdett@commerceone.com
David Chappell, Sonic Software, chappell@sonicsoftware.com
Colleen Evans, Sonic Software, cevans@sonicsoftware.com
Kazunori Iwasa, Fujitsu, kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com
Sunil Kunisetty, Oracle, sunil.kunisetty@oracle.com
Jeff Mischkinsky, Oracle, jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
Katsutoshi Nihei, NEC, nihei@bq.jp.nec.com
Eisaku Nishiyama, Hitachi, nishiy_e@itg.hitachi.co.jp
Sanjay Patil, IONA, sanjay.patil@iona.com
Tom Rutt, Fujitsu, trutt@fsw.fujitsu.com
Alan J. Weissberger, NEC,ajwdct@ccrl.sj.nec.com
Pete Wenzel, See Beyond, pete@seebeyond.com
Scott Werden, WRQ, scottw@wrq.com
Nobuyuki Yamamoto, Hitachi, no_yama@bisd.hitachi.co.jp
Prasad Yendluri, webMethods, prasad.yendluri@webmethods.com
Sinisa Zimek, SAP, sinisa.zimek@sap.com


The TC shall be chaired by Tom Rutt, Fujitsu Software Corp.


The sponsor for face-to-face meetings during the first year shall be 
Oracle. The sponsor for phone meetings during the first year shall be 

[1] The WS-Reliability specification is available at any one of the 
following URLs:

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