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Subject: IMI v1.0 Submitted for OASIS Standard Approval Ballot

OASIS Members:

The OASIS Identity Metasystem Interoperability (IMI) Technical  
Committee has submitted the following specification, which is an  
approved Committee Specification, to be considered as an OASIS Standard:

Identity Metasystem Interoperability Version 1.0

The text of the TC submission is appended.

You now have until 15 June to familiarize yourself with the submission  
and provide input to your organization's voting representative.

On 16 June, a Call For Vote will be issued to all Voting  
Representatives of OASIS member organizations. They will have until  
the last day of June, inclusive, to cast their ballots on whether this  
Committee Specification should be approved as an OASIS Standard or not.

Members who wish to discuss this ballot may do so through member-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org 

In accordance with the OASIS Technical Committee Process, this  
Committee Specification has already completed the necessary 60-day  
public review period as noted in the submission below.

The normative TC Process for approval of Committee Specifications as  
OASIS Standards is found at

Any statements related to the IPR of this specification are posted at:

Your participation in the review and balloting process is greatly  


Mary P McRae
Director, Technical Committee Administration
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
web: www.oasis-open.org
twitter: fiberartisan #oasisopen
phone: 1.603.232.9090

(a) Links to the approved Committee Specification:
Editable Source (Authoritative):
Namespace Document:

(b) editable version:
(see above)

(c) Certification by the TC that all schema and XML instances included  
in the specification, whether by inclusion or reference, including  
fragments of such, are well formed, and that all expressions are valid:

The TC has certified that schema and XML instances included in the  
specification are well formed.

(d) A clear English-language summary of the specification:
In summary, the Identity Metasystem Interoperability Version 1.0  
specification is intended for developers and architects who wish to  
design identity systems and applications that interoperate using the  
Identity Metasystem Interoperability specification.

An Identity Selector and the associated identity system components  
allow users to manage their Digital Identities from different Identity  
Providers, and employ them in various contexts to access online  
services.  In this specification, identities are represented to users  
as “Information Cards”.  Information Cards can be used both at  
applications hosted on Web sites accessed through Web browsers and  
rich client applications directly employing Web services.

This specification also provides a related mechanism to describe  
security-verifiable identity for endpoints by leveraging extensibility  
of the WS-Addressing specification.  This is achieved via XML elements  
for identity provided as part of WS-Addressing Endpoint References.   
This mechanism enables messaging systems to support multiple trust  
models across networks that include processing nodes such as endpoint  
managers, firewalls, and gateways in a transport-neutral manner.

(e) A statement regarding the relationship of this specification to  
similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing  

This specification does not replace or supersede other work. This  
specification is related to these specification:
·         OASIS Standard WS-Trust 1.3 and 1.4
·         OASIS Standard WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2 and 1.3
·         W3C Recommendation WS-Addressing 1.0

(f) Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that  
they are successfully using the specification:
·         CA: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/imi/200905/msg00007.html
·         Cordance: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/imi/200905/msg00005.html
·         IBM: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/imi/200905/msg00003.html
·         Microsoft: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/imi/200904/msg00049.html
·         Novell: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/imi/200905/msg00018.html

(g) The beginning and ending dates of the public review(s), a pointer  
to the announcement of the public review(s), and a pointer to an  
account of each of the comments/issues raised during the public review  
period(s), along with its resolution:

The Identity Metasystem Interoperability Version 1.0 specification was  
in Public Review from 26 February 2009 through 27 April 2009.

The TC resolved that none of the edits since the Public Review  
constituted substantive changes. The TC recorded those decisions as we  
resolved each issue. All issue resolutions from the Public Review are  
in our JIRA issue list:

(h) An account of and results of the voting to approve the  
specification as a Committee Specification, including the date of the  
ballot and a pointer to the ballot:

The ballot to approve the Identity Metasystem Interoperability Version  
1.0 specification as a Committee Specification was held from 7 May  
2009 through 14 May 2009. TC membership unanimously approved this  

(i)An account of or pointer to votes and comments received in any  
earlier attempts to standardize substantially the same specification,  
together with the originating TC's response to each comment:

There have been no earlier attempts to standardize a substantially  
same version of the Identity Metasystem Interoperability specification.

(j) A pointer to the publicly visible comments archive for the  
originating TC:

The public comment archives for the IMI TC area here:

(k)  A pointer to any minority reports submitted by one or more  
Members who did not vote in favor of approving the Committee  
Specification, which report may include statements regarding why the  
member voted against the specification or that the member believes  
that Substantive Changes were made which have not gone through public  
review; or certification by the Chair that no minority reports exist.

There were no minority reports from any members of the TC who did not  
vote in favor of approving the Identity Metasystem Interoperability as  
a Committee Specification. The TC voted unanimously to approve the  
Committee Specification.

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