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tc-announce message

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Subject: Pleassssed to announce

We are pleased to announce that the Bronx Zoo Cobra
(www.twitter.com/BronxZoosCobra) has been appointed to succeed Mary
McRae as OASIS Director of Standards and TC Administrator.

Our heartfelt thanks again to Robin Cover, who has contributed heroic
efforts to OASIS, serving diligently as temporary TC Administrator in
the interim, while continuing to fulfill his many other duties.  He
was last seen walking down a hill to a Texas pond, with a big smile on
his face.

Bronx Zoo Cobra is a 20 cm venomous Egyptian cobra snake.  Prior to
accepting this position, she was at large in New York City:
Egyptian Cobras grow to about 2 meters long, and prefer a diet of
mice, though their neurotoxin can be fatal to humans. Like other
standards professionals, generally they are feisty when young, but
mellow with age:

Bronx Zoo Cobra is responsible for the background noise on
teleconferences for many standards committee meetings.  She also
served as a co-author of the JSSSSSSSSON specification.

As an accommodation for localization issues, for those TCs who do not
operate in Parseltongue, all official OASIS specification comments
will be delivered in 140 characters or less, via Twitter and

This method was successfully prototyped by W3C last year:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DNq42A6Llg  However, some
modifications to the encoding will be needed.  Bronx Zoo Cobra will
employ compact IETF RFC 5841 encoding (TCP Option to Denote Packet
Mood) to indicate the status of a submitted specification:

         RFC5841      Spec
ASCII    Mood         Status
=====    ====         ====
 :)      Happy        Approved
 :(      Sad          Not valid
 :D      Amused       Not well-formed
 %(      Confused     Wrong file format
 :o      Bored        Typos
 :O      Surprised    Nothing but typos
 :P      Silly        No normative statements
 :@      Frustrated   No conformance clauses
 >:@     Angry        No sense
 :|      Apathetic    Requires license
 ;)      Sneaky       Has patents
 >:)     Evil         Has undisclosed patents

Please welcome our new Director of Ssssssssstandardss.

Date:  April 1, 2011:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools'_Day

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