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tcproc-member-review message

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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] Re: [members] OASIS member review of proposedrevision of TC Process

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Norman Walsh wrote:

> In the proposed[1] revision[2], I find:
>   TC Visibility
>   All resources of the TC and its associated subcommittees, including
>   web pages, documents, email lists and any other discussions, must be
>   located only on facilities provided by OASIS; TCs and SCs may not
>   conduct business or technical discussions, store documents, or host
>   web pages on non-OASIS servers.
> By a strict interpretation of this clause, I am forbidden from
> mirroring the DocBook specifications and schemas on docbook.org.

By a strict interpretation of this clause, it would appear that
you are likewise forbidden from mirroring the DocBook specifications
on the hard disk of your private computer: the text does not say:
"All publicly accessible resources... located only on..."

I suspect that "of" in "resources of the TC" means "produced as
official published artifacts through the official activities of".

Is that correct? [Hmmm... I don't know who's supposed to answer
this question, as the "feedback" mechanism for this draft
seems to envision only that a reader has a comment, not that
s/he might have a question that needs an answer, as prerequisite
to ascertaining whether s/he might have others comments or
questions, based upon the answer]

> Is
> that the intent? Or is the intent merely that no TC content may appear
> solely on non-OASIS servers?

I have the same question, and potential concern. Many dozens,
no hundreds, perhaps thousands of textual artifacts I have archived
in the Cover Pages over many years, are "of" OASIS working parties
and "of" other corporate entities -- corporate and individual authors
quite happy to allow archiving of milestone standards documents,
email messages, DTDs, schemas, and other resources, for public access.
> Suppose a third party, unaffiliated with OASIS or the TC constructs 
> such a mirror? Will OASIS pursue having those materials removed from
> the mirror?

Indeed: to what purpose?

Google and several other public archive projects already do this
kind of "mirroring."  It's now common practice.  See for example
(especially) the OASIS PDF-format documents indexed on Google, and the
typical link to "View as HTML," which comes from a Google-controlled
Internet domain, not from OASIS.

I composed a note [1] articulating what I think must be the intent of
this draft text in the revised TC process document, with a suggestion
to simply remove the word "only" -- it's apparently otiose, and
evidently confusing.  It would be nice if someone on the editorial
team could provide a clarification on this point, perhaps to the
OASIS 'Chairs' list where the question has been raised in public

http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/chairs/200410/msg00025.html [1]

- Robin Cover

>   All web pages, documents, and email archives of all TCs and SCs
>   shall be publicly visible.
>   Mail Lists
>   Each TC shall be provided upon formation with a general discussion
>   email list and a means to collect public comments. Subscription to
>   the general email list shall be required for Members, Voting
>   Members, and Observers of the TC.
>   The minutes of each TC meeting and a record of all decisions shall
>   be published to that TC's email list. All communications and
>   discussions of the TC must take place on the email list.
>   All TC email lists shall be archived for the duration of the
>   corporation, and all TC email archives shall be publicly visible.
>   The purpose of the TC's public comment facility is to receive
>   comments from the public and is not for public discussion. Comments
>   will be publicly archived, and will be forwarded to one or more TC
>   members including the TC Chair. TCs shall not be required to respond
>   to comments. Comments to the TC made by TC members must be submitted
>   via the TC email list, and comments made by non-TC members,
>   including from the public, must be made via the TC's comment form.
> Are you saying that members of the public, subscribed to the docbook
> and docbook-apps lists may not make comments except via the TC's
> comment form? Is the TC forbidden from responding to comments made
> on those lists?
>   Comments will not be accepted via any other means.
> What does that mean? If I bump into a DocBook user at a conference and
> that user describes a problem they are having, am I forbidden from
> raising that comment as an agenda item on some future meeting until
> such time as it's submitted by some official means?
> Are we foribidden from discussing TC work products with our friends
> and colleagues?
>   Web Pages
>   The OASIS TC Administrator shall provide the TC with a publicly
>   accessible web page.
> Is this the Kavi page, or do you mean that the administrator now must
> provide a public web page for all TCs?
>   The TC must keep the following information current on the TC web
>   page: the TC name and charter; standing rules and other adopted
>   procedures; meeting schedule; anticipated deliverables and delivery
>   dates; list of TC members; the name and email address of the TC
>   Chair or co-Chairs as well as other positions such as secretary,
>   editor, etc. that may exist; list of subcommittees, their
>   deliverables, and members; links to draft and completed TC documents
>   with identification of the latest versions of the TC's
>   specifications; and IPR declarations.
>                                         Be seeing you,
>                                           norm
> [1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/members/200410/msg00004.html
> [2] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/members-only/download.php/9623/TC%20Process%2020041007.pdf


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