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Subject: OASIS must provide issue tracking and source control facilities

If the intent of the TC process revision is to require that all work
products, and all intermediate drafts, test schemas, experimental
revisions, open issues, closed issues, unexamined feature requests,
etc. be stored principally on OASIS-managed servers, it is absolutely
essential that OASIS provide some infrastructure to support TC

Several TCs, DocBook included, use SourceForge because it provides
these facilities. The DocBook CVS repository at SourceForge currently
holds on the order of 36,000 files. It simply would not be possible to
manage that collection without some infrastructure. Similarly, there
are several hundred issues being tracked by the issues management
system there. Having tried to manage issues without such a system, I
can confidently say that it would be very, very difficult to go back.

I encourage the board to provide Karl and his staff with the resources
they need to get a document repository and other infrastructure in
place expeditiously and to address the process changes with some eye
towards the complexity of the transition they may require.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM / XML Standards Architect / Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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