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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-reqts] RE: [chairs] RE: [members] OASIS member reviewof proposed revision of TC Process

I strongly second Peter's point. For example, the BPEL TC also currently 
uses a CVS system generously donated by IBM for editors to work on our 
spec because Kavi's facilities are, shall we say, less than optimal.

However the drafts on the CVS system have no official standing in the 
group. Only drafts that are submitted to Kavi and duly voted on by the 
group have any standing in the group.

Under the new rules it isn't immediately clear if our current behavior 
is Kosher. It would be great if the wording could be tweaked so as to 
make it clear that the requirements for material to be stored on OASIS's 
facilities only applies to material that have official standing in the 



Furniss, Peter wrote:
> Concerning the rule in the proposed process revision:
>  >> | "All resources of the TC and its associated
>  >> | subcommittees, including web pages, documents, email
>  >> | lists and any other discussions, must be located only
>  >> | on facilities provided by OASIS; TCs and SCs may not conduct
>  >> | business or technical discussions, store documents, or host web
>  >> | pages on non-OASIS servers. All web pages, documents, and email
>  >> | archives of all TCs and SCs shall be publicly visible."
> which would only be ok if OASIS facilities were invariably the most
> flexible and easiest to use and setup. In practice, and despite efforts
> by OASIS staff, this is inevitably not the case.
> The particular requirement I'm concerned with is the BPEL group issue
> list. This is maintained with a set of scripts that scan the email
> archive and link emails there to
> the issue. The scripts also take direct edits to update the status of
> issues, add new ones etc. To provide a fixed url for the list, and keep
> it up-to-date, the "working copy" of the issue list is kept at
> http://www.choreology.com/external/WS_BPEL_issues_list.html
> and the scripts submit the new version of the list to that via ftp,
> automatically. The list is made a formal tc document every so often by
> manual upload using Kavi, once a week or so. Doing all the updates
> manually would be difficult - during a meeting there will often be
> multiple uploads
> in one day, and it is usually updated every couple of days. (there have
> been about 700 updates so far over the lifetime of the process). And the
> URL would keep changing. Having a fixed url, with no read-access
> restrictions for the document considerably helps the work of this large
> and active committee.
> Although this particular requirement could no doubt be met with some
> effort, there may well be something else further down the road where a
> blanket prohibition on off-oasis documents would
> make work more diffcult.
> I'd suggest the paragraph has something like "normally", or an exception
> clause. This should
> state that the information must be public.
> Peter
> ps: if the purpose is to ensure that committee documents are publically
> accessible, one could point out that the OASIS document pages are
> themselves in violation of the intended rules since they allow for
> non-public documents, and indeed the default is committee only.
> ------------------------------------------
> Peter Furniss
> Chief Scientist, Choreology Ltd
> web: http://www.choreology.com
> email: peter.furniss@choreology.com
> phone: +44 870 739 0066
> mobile: +44 7951 536168
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