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For me,  you can choose
-----"John Borras" <johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk> a écrit : -----

A : <tgf@lists.oasis-open.org>
De : "John Borras" <johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk>
Date : 01/11/2010 11:32

Thanks for your responses.  At least this first round of preferences has narrowed the choices down but we do not have a unanimously agreed time slot which I guess is no real surprise. 


We are now down to either the 3 rd Monday or 3 rd Thursday in each month with the Monday being the favourite day.


And for the time slot the choice is either 18.30-19.30 or 19.00-20.00 CET (12.30-13.30 or 13.00-14.00 USA EDT)


Clearly we are not going to be able to satisfy everyone and we need to be careful about excluding anyone from participating.  So can you all please be very flexible once a month and on that basis let me know if you definitely cannot make any of the following:


1.        3 rd Monday of each month at 18.30 – 19.30 CET

2.        3 rd Monday of each month at 19.00 – 20.00 CET

3.        3 rd Thursday of each month at 18.30 – 19.30 CET

4.        3 rd Thursday of each month at 19.00 - 20.00 CET


Of course with this schedule we will have to be aware of the day light time changes in March but we can review that nearer the time.


We can discuss this at our meeting in Washington but I would like to get dates agreed before then and not have to spend a lot of time in DC haggling over diaries.




From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 22 October 2010 17:09
To: 'tgf@lists.oasis-open.org'; 'Colin Wallis'


In an attempt to find a convenient regular date for our TC meetings after the December F2F in Washington, can you please go to the following link and show your preferences for the selection of dates and times.  Although I’ve set this up for January I would want whatever date and time emerges out of this to become the norm for ensuing months.  So if you have things that occur in other months after January that would impinge on your attendance then reject it for January.




I’ll probably need to come back to you again after this first pass with some further options as I doubt we’ll crack this in one go.


Replies by end next week please so we can get this finalised and get firm dates in diaries.




John Borras


Chair OASIS TGF Technical Committee


m. +(0)44 7976 157745

Skype:  gov3john



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