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Subject: Review of the "Guiding Principles"



Colin Wallis and I found some time earlier this week to look through the “Guiding principles for Citizen Service Transformation” section of the document that CSTransform kindly submitted as base material for our work.


In essence we felt that the text provided did a great job of articulating a set of principles for any organization embarking on the process of adopting our targeted work products.


However, we also thought that we would put forward two options to the TC that could lead to small changes in the text;


1.       The language used in the principles at the moment is somewhat informal. (i.e. “be obsessive about understanding your customers”) While this language comes quickly to the point we might want to think about how it fits in the context of a standard or a technical report that is being published by OASIS.


2.       The language used has a tone that appears directly relevant to governments who would be looking at the TGF in a national context. In Washington DC we talked about the potential of lightweight segmentation of our work products, delivering text that would target or be more relevant to other parts of government (state, local, single agency, etc). We might want to consider some minor rewording of some of the subtext to be more generically relevant in context of other government segments. For example it might not be possible for a single agency to build a comprehensive “cross government strategy”, while many of the other principles articulate achievable goals for them.


We can discuss next steps for this on the upcoming TC call.


Oliver Bell

Director & Regional Standards Officer | Microsoft Australia & New Zealand | 1 Epping Road, North Ryde, NSW, 2113, Australia

DDI +61 2 8817 9335 | Mobile (AU) +61 429 071743 | Mobile (NZ) +64 21 2121600 |


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