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Subject: RE: [tgf] Proposed structure and development of TC deliverables; proposed working meeting

Thanks you Peter, this is extremely helpful.  I concur with all aspects of your proposals and can see that following this approach we would stand an excellent chance of meeting my wish of a March deliverable.


To meet these deadlines we will need the outputs from Andy/Colin/Oliver/Nig on their various areas of responsibility for inclusion in the drafting process, so I hope they will be able to deliver to you in time.




From: Peter F Brown [mailto:peter@peterfbrown.com]
Sent: 27 January 2011 03:34
To: TGF TC List
Subject: [tgf] Proposed structure and development of TC deliverables; proposed working meeting



My apologies again for missing this Monday’s meeting – I’ve since caught up with John and am following the different submissions to the list.


As promised, attached is a small note outlining a proposed structure of the deliverables. I hope that this will address some of the concerns and questions about how we physically structure what we want to produce in what sort of deliverable, in conformance with our Charter and the overview of deliverables in my last slide deck. Please let me have some feedback and any questions in the next couple of days on this.


Of note in particular is the proposal to have “several pieces loosely joined” to start with, so that we can progress several areas in parallel, allowing a certain autonomy of activity and without making editorial tracking a nightmare – nothing stops us ‘stitching them back together’ before adopting any formal position or deliverable.


If this note is acceptable, I propose that we proceed as follows:

-          I will do a first rough ‘decant’ of current materials and contributions into the proposed ‘containers’, and send the results to the list;

-          Individual TC members can volunteer to take ownership of a specific deliverable (or part thereof) and continue work on them;

-          I suggest that we have a working/drafting session at the end of next week to see how far we have progressed;

-          I would then do a full editorial write up of the whole, checking for consistency and coherence through the whole;

-          We have a first ‘cut’ of the four main parts ready for discussion at the next TC meeting on 17th Feb

The objective by this stage is to have something that is complete (as in ‘all the necessary bits are there’) but not necessarily completed (as in finished).


For a meeting next week, I would need it to be Friday 4th but am very flexible regarding the timing during the day. Please indicate in the following Doodle poll your availability and time preferences: http://doodle.com/p56xuz93r9nthnb9


I will reply separately regarding the issue of diagrams and models.





Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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