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Subject: Draft deliverable 1 - the TGF Core Framework


In line with the proposals that I made last week, I have submitted to our document repository a first, very rough and ready draft of what would be the first main standards-track deliverable, the ‘TGF Core Framework’:



I’ve screen scraped from the CS Transform contributions and used various bits that have also been worked on. The detail isn’t important at this stage (and as editors, Chris and I will obviously take care to endure the text is fully coherent), just the overall structure and flow.


I’ll do the same for the next three – which should be easier as they are more or less straight lifts from the business management, customer management and channel management sections of the contributions we have. I’ll submit them asap.


As for the four ‘non-standards track’ Committee Notes,

-          we don’t yet have any substantive content for the one on SOA;

-          the one on “tools and models for the business management framework” will include material we have on the milestones matrix, the stakeholders map, and the policy map

-          the ones on “tools and models for the customer management framework” and “tools and models for the channel management framework” are fairly bare at the moment – we will have to judge how much goes in the respective ‘frameworks’ and how much needs to be left to a non-standards track paper





Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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