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Subject: RE: [tgf] TGF Pattern Language work

OK, wilco


From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 15 June 2011 11:03
To: 'Peter F Brown'; 'TGF TC List '
Subject: RE: [tgf] TGF Pattern Language work


Agree don’t issue another version before the call.  Colin for one will still be in his “deep reading” of this version so let’s run  with that for the call and you explain at the meeting what’s changing.  In what I posted there are some general style questions that we perhaps should discuss on the call so can you pull those out with your recommendations.




From: Peter F Brown [mailto:peter@peterfbrown.com]
Sent: 15 June 2011 10:57
To: 'John Borras'; 'TGF TC List '
Subject: RE: [tgf] TGF Pattern Language work


Thanks John,

Indeed there was no consistency or completeness checks done – my objective was to try to capture as much as possible as a first run.

Indeed, I have talked and worked with Chris offline in the last day or two in cleaning some of this up and would be happy to present another version.


However, to avoid confusion it is probably better not to present another version of the PL before the call but rather that I present the original; explain at the meeting 5or via a short mail before the call) where we have already worked further; and indicate what remains to be done, looking for volunteers as necessary. Does that sound OK?




From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 15 June 2011 10:30
To: 'TGF TC List '
Subject: RE: [tgf] TGF Pattern Language work




Thanks for this effort.  I realize you’ve probably focused more on getting the material together rather than quality and consistency etc.  So hopefully my comments in the attached will help with the aspect.


It looks like from you’ve already done and plan to do, and what Chris is working on, we might have a complete set for the TC call which would be brilliant.




From: Peter F Brown [mailto:peter@peterfbrown.com]
Sent: 07 June 2011 01:58
To: TGF TC List
Subject: [tgf] TGF Pattern Language work



Somewhat belatedly, I can give an update on work being done of the drat Pattern Language


Attached is an interim, incomplete draft (WD02) of the TGF-PL deliverable.

Following the working group meeting held two weeks ago, I proceeded with the first steps in a methodology:

-          Identify each and every conformance criterion in the TGF Primer

-          From the criteria, identify possible “candidate” patterns;

-          Add patterns that contribute to the whole;

-          Remove patterns that are redundant or can be better expressed as part of a larger pattern;

I then started the work of transposing text from the TGF Primer to the Pattern Language document:

-          Identify the core “imperative” statement for each pattern, based on the conformance statement in the Primer;

-          Add text that relates a particular pattern to others;

-          Add text that serves as the prose body of the pattern, taken from the Primer and other contributions;

-          Add references back to the Primer where appropriate in the “completion” statement of each pattern;

As a result of a couple of cycles, the number of proposed patterns has gone up and down and has now stabilised at under 40.


The interim result attached reflects this process applied systematically.

As a result,

-          the first 15 patterns are finished;

-          another half dozen are nearly finished;

-          the skeleton of the remaining patterns is in place


As I am “in the zone”, I’m happy to continue this tomorrow and should be able to complete another dozen or so of the patterns but after that I will be travelling for the remainder of the week.


Can I ask all members of the TC to:

-          take a look and give any comments about whether the draft is going in the right direction;

-          indicate whether the completed patterns satisfy the conformance criteria that we have nominally indicated in the Primer;

-          submit any comments or queries on the nature and content of the document.


Can you also indicate whether you will be able to lend a hand at writing a few patterns, now that the structure and practice is clearer. As an indication, you should allow 30-45 minutes per pattern to go through the steps outlined above. I will continue tomorrow in any case, proceeding sequentially through the text. I will then only be able to return to this after tomorrow on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th.


If you are willing to write some patterns, please let me know, and I will send you the .docx file to work with.


For reference, we are due to decide at our TC meeting on Thursday 16th:

-          whether to proceed with moving this working draft to a full “Committee Specification Draft” – which involves shifting the content to the new formal template and completing the set of patterns, at least as a first draft;

-          agreeing a timetable to finish a first formal draft for adoption by the Committee and releasing it for public review


Best regards,



Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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