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Subject: RE: [tgf] Scheduling a meeting for TGF Editorial work

Hi all,

Scheduling a meeting for this week is proving to be difficult. The best option for most (but not all) is Wednesday, which is my last day in Belgium before flying back to the US – and most of the day I will be in meetings with the European Parliament and European Commission. I will not be able to participate in a meeting this Wednesday at any of the times proposed.


I would much prefer to hold off for one week and schedule a call for the two Wednesdays 6th  and 13th. Based on the Doodle poll results, the preferred time would seem to be 08.00 PDT, 16.00 BST, 17.00 CEST.


I will use this time before the 6th, to look through the comments and contributions made so far, formalise the draft pattern language using the OASIS standard template and make suggestions for homework that can be done by members of the TC before and between the meetings.


Unless there are strong objections, I will send out meeting invitations from the OASIS KAVI system tomorrow





From: Andy Hopkirk [mailto:andy.hopkirk@gmail.com]
Sent: 27 June 2011 17:13
To: Peter F Brown
Cc: TGF TC List
Subject: Re: [tgf] Scheduling a meeting for TGF Editorial work


hi - I've replied to the Doodle poll and my only useful slot is 1600 on Wednesday IF a preceeding commitment finishes on time (due to run 0900-1600). There is a significant risk it won't finish on time so please don't move everything around to fit me and this slot if a better one suit others who are more available next week.


On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Peter F Brown <peter@peterfbrown.com> wrote:


Apologies for the radio silence but I’ve been on the road and in meetings in Belgium for the last week.

I have opened up a Doodle poll to identify the best day and time slot for a meeting next week, between Monday and Wednesday:



Bear in mind that, if we find a decent day and time, we may ‘default’ to that same pattern for subsequent weeks, as needed, so see what works for you over the coming weeks, and not just next week (Exception 4 July)


All the best,



Peter F Brown

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