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Subject: Notes from today's editorial meeting

Notes from the TGF Editorial meeting held today at 08.00 PDT / 16.00 BST


We worked with the document entitled “TGF-PL-v1.0-wd03-incomplete (2011-07-05)” and the spreadsheet “PL-Core Status” as the basis for discussions.


·         Agreed to stick with the current set of 20 patterns for the ‘core’ of the Pattern Language to be moved forward

·         This ‘Core’ could be extended in the future

·         PL draft to be uploaded to KAVI in editable form.

·         Two patterns to be drafted and completed, [4] and [18] (Peter)

·         Five patterns to be finalised, [7], [9] (John); [10], [11] (Chris); [12] (Colin/Peter)

·         Title of [19] needs reviewing (reference to Governance could be confusing)

·         Comments and edits received so far, to be incorporated (Peter)

·         Patterns [7] and [8] should be inverted, to respect flow of concepts

·         Entire set will be reviewed for consistency and correspondence with TGF Primer (Nig)

·         TGF Primer will be reviewed in light of the Pattern Language (Chris/Peter)

·         Both the Pattern Language and the Primer will be presented to the next TC meeting (21 July) with a view to moving them both to formal Committee (Specification and Note, respectively) Draft status and publishing them for public review

·         Name of the draft specification should reflect that it is a “core” set of patterns; that the current patterns together with any future ones together constitute the TGF Pattern Language; and that the TGF remains, as a framework, the overarching collection of all artefacts

·         Next editorial meeting call: Wednesday 13 July at 08.00 PDT / 16.00 BST


Respectfully submitted,



Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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