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Subject: Proposed motions for next week's TC meeting - please read carefully!

Hi all,



You will have seen that the draft “Pattern Language – Core Patterns” has been loaded to the OASIS document repository.

In the editorial team, we highlighted the idea that the TGF Pattern Language should be extensible as needs require. We thus suggest that the current work be considered as a first step – a set of “Core Patterns” and not designated as the ‘whole’ Pattern Language.


We recognize that the idea of pattern languages may be unfamiliar to some and is indeed the first such language proposed within OASIS. For this reason, we would like to solicit feedback from public review at a relatively early stage: if there are issues to address regarding the design of the core patterns, we would prefer to learn about them early in the process.


We also propose to move the Primer, already approved as a Committee Note Draft, as well as the Core Patterns to Public Review – allowing us to solicit feedback from a range of organisations and bodies before considering the drafts again in the TC.


We recognise that there will now need to be considerable references between the two documents but we propose to examine those issues after the public reviews: at this stage the idea is to have the two drafts published and put to public review. That should remain the focus for the time and editorial clean-up work can be conducted afterwards.



In order to be progressed to the next level, we need a full majority vote at next Thursday’s TC meeting: based on the current member roster (subject to verification and voting status data being updated), this means that we need a minimum of six voting members to vote in favour for the following motions to be approved:


First motion:


-          Recognizes that the current draft “Pattern Language” is best described as a set of “Core Patterns” that could subsequently be extended, expanded and specialized as required by different stakeholder groups and/or address specific geopolitical concerns; as such, therefore,

-          Approves TGF-PL-v1.0-wd03.docx with the title “Transformational Government Framework (TGF) – TGF Pattern Language – Core Patterns, Version 1.0” (WD03);

-          Proposes the naming convention “TGF-PL-Core” to identify all deliverables related to the Core Patterns;

-          Approves this draft, renamed “TGF-PL-Core-v1.0-wd03”) as a Committee Specification Draft (CSD01);

-          Notes that the set of files required by the OASIS TC process has been filed at:

-          {URL will be added after approval};

-          Agrees to move this committee specification draft also to Public Review;

-          Instructs the TC editors and chair to inform the OASIS TC Administration


Second motion:


-          Agrees to move the “Transformational Government Framework – Primer v1.0” (TGF-Primer-v1.0-cnd01) to public review; and

-          Instructs the TC editors and chair to inform the OASIS TC Administration


Thanks to everyone who has helped us draft these documents to such a high quality – and on time, and on budget! ;-)


Best regards,



Peter F Brown

Independent Consultant

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Transforming our Relationships with Information Technologies


P.O. Box 49719, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA

Tel: +1.310.694.2278

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